Have you got a minute?

For all those companies, for all those people, for all those who still don’t embrace digital, or who scoff at the power or the potential of online, or who say they’ll get to it once something more important is done, or those who say it can’t help me or my what I do, I say, Read more about Have you got a minute?[…]

What Matters Now (A Montage of Ideas from 70+ Great Minds)

What Matters Now is the latest freeĀ  e-book from Seth Godin and friends -it’s provocative, insightful, inspiring and just plain powerful! Download it, read it, live it….just trust me on this…this IS what matters now.

What Silicon Valley said at Said

PDA, the digital content blog, featured a recent post that highlighted the discussions of a star-studded internet rock star panel who met at Said Business School in Oxford recently to discuss the future of the web. These great technology minds considered some basic, yet tough and far reaching questions including: After social networks, what next? Read more about What Silicon Valley said at Said[…]