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Where do you go?

The conversation with a co-worker was simple enough. Knowing that I’m more than a digital-dabbler, she posed the question, “where do you go to keep up to date on the latest in digital”. I rattled off a few resources then said I’ll send you a list.

When I really started pondering it, the list […]

Have you got a minute?

For all those companies, for all those people, for all those who still don’t embrace digital, or who scoff at the power or the potential of online, or who say they’ll get to it once something more important is done, or those who say it can’t help me or my what I do, I say, […]


Here’s my digital snapshot compliments of Intel.

Want your own personalised infographic? Intel has just the tool.

What about me gives you a graphic glimpse into your digi-life.

Here’s mine:

A snapshot of my digi-life


Questions of the day:

 What does yours say about you? Any surprises?



Facebook Pages Some Useful Changes

Facebook is promising improvements to Pages that include: better communication, more opportunities for expression, improved relevancy…and it’s not even Christmas!

Want the official Facebook explanation? Here  you can also preview the changes and get started using them.

For all the details around Facebook pages, take a peek here

Questions of the day

Will these […]

Truly Creative – Klick Inc.’s Holiday Video

I WANT TO WORK HERE… Karl, can ya get me in?

The Digital Story of the Nativity

Merry (digital) Christmas to you and yours!

Blogging – a language all it’s own

With the adoption of emerging advancements and the use of new tools comes a resulting lexicon.

Here’s a great post from the fine folks at HubSpot explaining some of the terminology associated with blogging.

Question of the day:

What other terms have you learned/coined through your blogging efforts?


Who is in your community?

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am. I am blessed to know some fabulous people around the world. I had a skype chat yesterday with Bryan Person and we touched on the power of community, the importance of moderation and where this concept of community and conversation is  headed for marketing and brands, in particular.


An Invitation from the TorontoTalks Crew

For all you IABC-ers out there…As outlined in the IABC 2010 World Conference program, there’s an “UNconference” session entitled  Emerging Communication Channels scheduled for Sunday, June 6th from 2- 5pm. We want as many of you to join us as possible. Your facilitators, aka The TorontoTalks Crew (TTC) are Jeremy Schultz, Christopher Swan, Bryan Person […]

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