Lose the Lingo with a Freethinking Freelancer

This video from Avaya is hilarious! That said, there was a time when I would not have found it nearly as funny as I do today. Within seconds, this video transported me back to my jargon-laden corporate days. Without exception, every company I’ve worked at had its own culture and accompanying organisation-wide vocabulary, every industry Read more about Lose the Lingo with a Freethinking Freelancer[…]

You can’t have one without the other (or at least you shouldn’t)

  It’s funny where you find inspiration and your “aha moments”. I just found one thanks to my Facebook friend, Simon Young. He posted this image to his Facebook page just moments ago. It struck me first as amusing so I chuckled. But after some pondering, I thought, “Wow!. Having both really is the secret to Read more about You can’t have one without the other (or at least you shouldn’t)[…]

Job Search has me Seeing Red

In a previous post entitled, “Walk the Walk”, I discussed my astounding observation that so many job seekers, even those seeking digital jobs, go through the entire search process and don’t use the very skills they are trying to market. I am currently pursuing both the freelance consulting avenue (if I can help, call me!) Read more about Job Search has me Seeing Red[…]

My Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Getting back to that conversation where a coworker posed the question, “where do you go to keep up to date on the latest in digital”. Here’s the list I promised in the previous post. You’ll notice it’s a little skewed to my Canadian roots and with a heavy North American  influence, but geography aside, there  are Read more about My Personal Learning Network (PLN)[…]

Making creativity a daily habit

Was just told about this initiative and just had to pass it along. That’s the thing about creativity, it’s much better  when it’s shared, If you’ve lost touch with your creative side, want to be more so, or are just looking to tap into your inner-creative on a more regular basis, The Daily Create might Read more about Making creativity a daily habit[…]

What I have been doing

I’ve experimented with a couple of other blogging platforms have been participating in Project 365 (actually 366 this year) photoblogging on Specular Highlights. I’ve been taking a photo a day and haven’t missed one yet! I think this practice is helping to make me a better photographer (even though everything is shot on my iPhone Read more about What I have been doing[…]

New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders

Happy 2011 everyone! This is the time of year when many of us make promises, set goals, create that list of resolutions for the year to come. As leaders, what we do and how we do it influences so many. During this time of reflection we have a new opportunity to take the first steps Read more about New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders[…]

Who is in your community?

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am. I am blessed to know some fabulous people around the world. I had a skype chat yesterday with Bryan Person and we touched on the power of community, the importance of moderation and where this concept of community and conversation is  headed for marketing and brands, in particular. Read more about Who is in your community?[…]

Leaders don’t create movements, followers do!

We deal with leadership, we deal with change, we know how tough both can be. This video is a fabulous illustration of a key component in creating a movement. Have a watch….the transcript also appears below. Questions of the day Are you a lone nut, the first follower, the second follower or one of the Read more about Leaders don’t create movements, followers do![…]

IABC 2010 world conference thoughts, themes and take-aways

In addition to the fabulous people, professional sessions, terrific networking opportunities and heaps of fun,here are a few of my views about this  year’s conference… The future looks fabulous! As communicators we’re a lucky bunch! Our future looks fabulous. It promises to be dynamic, challenging and rewarding. But, to take advantage of the opportunities that Read more about IABC 2010 world conference thoughts, themes and take-aways[…]