Lose the Lingo with a Freethinking Freelancer

This video from Avaya is hilarious! That said, there was a time when I would not have found it nearly as funny as I do today. Within seconds, this video transported me back to my jargon-laden corporate days. Without exception, every company I’ve worked at had its own culture and accompanying organisation-wide vocabulary, every industry Read more about Lose the Lingo with a Freethinking Freelancer[…]

My Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Getting back to that conversation where a coworker posed the question, “where do you go to keep up to date on the latest in digital”. Here’s the list I promised in the previous post. You’ll notice it’s a little skewed to my Canadian roots and with a heavy North American  influence, but geography aside, there  are Read more about My Personal Learning Network (PLN)[…]

New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders

Happy 2011 everyone! This is the time of year when many of us make promises, set goals, create that list of resolutions for the year to come. As leaders, what we do and how we do it influences so many. During this time of reflection we have a new opportunity to take the first steps Read more about New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders[…]

Incredible Insights from Howard Rheingold on Collaboration

Are you part of a smart mob? Are you as cooperative or as collaborative as you could be? How well have you embraced enabling technologies? Rheingold discusses the technologies of COOPERATION & SHARING economies. He hypothesizes that if in the past, new forms of cooperation created new forms of wealth we may be moving into Read more about Incredible Insights from Howard Rheingold on Collaboration[…]

I Believe!

I’ve been impassioned lately by a number of conversations around careers, opportunities, new and interesting projects. Not only have I been lucky enough to share some fantastic new ideas with some really interesting and enlightened people, the added benefit has been that these discussions have helped me to create some real clarity around my own Read more about I Believe![…]

Social media and Marketing – When to jump in, creating brand ambassadors and the power of four…

Robert Scoble, blogger and entrepreneur  discusses how ideas spread. The public session was part of the Stanford GSB marketing course, the Power of Social Technology. While his presentation style is undeniably understated, his observations and insights are powerful. Question of the day: In the last bit of the video he refers to an intimate dinner Read more about Social media and Marketing – When to jump in, creating brand ambassadors and the power of four…[…]

What Matters Now (A Montage of Ideas from 70+ Great Minds)

What Matters Now is the latest free  e-book from Seth Godin and friends -it’s provocative, insightful, inspiring and just plain powerful! Download it, read it, live it….just trust me on this…this IS what matters now.