Consider a Freelancer for Competitive Advantage

Thought this article was a great summary of the advantages that can be realised when companies, extend their workforce and hire an experienced freelancer. Whether it’s a solution for dealing with peaks in demand, covering existing team member leave, making inroads into new industries, a project requiring new and different perspective or simply because you Read more about Consider a Freelancer for Competitive Advantage[…]

My Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Getting back to that conversation where a coworker posed the question, “where do you go to keep up to date on the latest in digital”. Here’s the list I promised in the previous post. You’ll notice it’s a little skewed to my Canadian roots and with a heavy North American  influence, but geography aside, there  are Read more about My Personal Learning Network (PLN)[…]

Who is in your community?

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am. I am blessed to know some fabulous people around the world. I had a skype chat yesterday with Bryan Person and we touched on the power of community, the importance of moderation and where this concept of community and conversation is  headed for marketing and brands, in particular. Read more about Who is in your community?[…]

IABC 2010 world conference thoughts, themes and take-aways

In addition to the fabulous people, professional sessions, terrific networking opportunities and heaps of fun,here are a few of my views about this  year’s conference… The future looks fabulous! As communicators we’re a lucky bunch! Our future looks fabulous. It promises to be dynamic, challenging and rewarding. But, to take advantage of the opportunities that Read more about IABC 2010 world conference thoughts, themes and take-aways[…]

An Invitation from the TorontoTalks Crew

For all you IABC-ers out there…As outlined in the IABC 2010 World Conference program, there’s an “UNconference” session entitled  Emerging Communication Channels scheduled for Sunday, June 6th from 2- 5pm. We want as many of you to join us as possible. Your facilitators, aka The TorontoTalks Crew (TTC) are Jeremy Schultz, Christopher Swan, Bryan Person Read more about An Invitation from the TorontoTalks Crew[…]

A Milestone in Conversations

There it was. In print. The brochure arrived.The annual event that I look forward to year after year. Finally in 2010, after 20 years of membership in the association, I’m achieving a milestone. I’m on the agenda for the 2010 IABC Word Conference, taking place in my home city of Toronto. I won’t be playing Read more about A Milestone in Conversations[…]

Social media and Marketing – When to jump in, creating brand ambassadors and the power of four…

Robert Scoble, blogger and entrepreneur  discusses how ideas spread. The public session was part of the Stanford GSB marketing course, the Power of Social Technology. While his presentation style is undeniably understated, his observations and insights are powerful. Question of the day: In the last bit of the video he refers to an intimate dinner Read more about Social media and Marketing – When to jump in, creating brand ambassadors and the power of four…[…]

What TED can teach Conference Organizers

What’s the consummate conference experience? TED of course.  TED has become synonymous with innovation, inspiration. It thrills and inspires audiences around the world to join in the conversation. As stated in their history, TED was born in 1984 out of the observation by Richard Saul Wurman of a powerful convergence between Technology, Entertainment and Design. Read more about What TED can teach Conference Organizers[…]

What Matters Now (A Montage of Ideas from 70+ Great Minds)

What Matters Now is the latest free  e-book from Seth Godin and friends -it’s provocative, insightful, inspiring and just plain powerful! Download it, read it, live it….just trust me on this…this IS what matters now.