Job Search has me Seeing Red

In a previous post entitled, “Walk the Walk”, I discussed my astounding observation that so many job seekers, even those seeking digital jobs, go through the entire search process and don’t use the very skills they are trying to market. I am currently pursuing both the freelance consulting avenue (if I can help, call me!) Read more about Job Search has me Seeing Red[…]

Where do you go?

The conversation with a co-worker was simple enough. Knowing that I’m more than a digital-dabbler, she posed the question, “where do you go to keep up to date on the latest in digital”. I rattled off a few resources then said I’ll send you a list. When I really started pondering it, the list just Read more about Where do you go?[…]

Think PowerPoint is the Belle of the Ball?

This humourous, yet brilliant, example demonstrates how how PowerPoint can be the death of even the greatest story. Rowan Manahan gives his talk ‘How PowerPoint makes EVERY story better’ at Ignite at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, in February 2011 Question of the day: What other tools do you use instead of PowerPoint to Read more about Think PowerPoint is the Belle of the Ball?[…]

Leaders don’t create movements, followers do!

We deal with leadership, we deal with change, we know how tough both can be. This video is a fabulous illustration of a key component in creating a movement. Have a watch….the transcript also appears below. Questions of the day Are you a lone nut, the first follower, the second follower or one of the Read more about Leaders don’t create movements, followers do![…]

A Milestone in Conversations

There it was. In print. The brochure arrived.The annual event that I look forward to year after year. Finally in 2010, after 20 years of membership in the association, I’m achieving a milestone. I’m on the agenda for the 2010 IABC Word Conference, taking place in my home city of Toronto. I won’t be playing Read more about A Milestone in Conversations[…]

The Big Reveal was Revealing Indeed

I finally got to meet the person behind @iconic88. While I don’t usually follow brands or tweeps on twitter who aren’t forthright with providing details about their personal identity, I made an exception in the case of following @iconic88. Iggy Pintado, or @iggypintado, author of The Connection Generation, a man I have great respect for, Read more about The Big Reveal was Revealing Indeed[…]

What TED can teach Conference Organizers

What’s the consummate conference experience? TED of course.  TED has become synonymous with innovation, inspiration. It thrills and inspires audiences around the world to join in the conversation. As stated in their history, TED was born in 1984 out of the observation by Richard Saul Wurman of a powerful convergence between Technology, Entertainment and Design. Read more about What TED can teach Conference Organizers[…]

What Matters Now (A Montage of Ideas from 70+ Great Minds)

What Matters Now is the latest free  e-book from Seth Godin and friends -it’s provocative, insightful, inspiring and just plain powerful! Download it, read it, live it….just trust me on this…this IS what matters now.

SME Summit was tops

What a great day at the SME Technology Summit 2009 This was an AWESOME way to kick off the month. HUGE thanks go out to @trib aka Stephen Collins whose generosity made it possible for me to attend. “You da man!” So, what were my lasting impressions? First off, the Waterview Convention Centre is a Read more about SME Summit was tops[…]