You can’t have one without the other (or at least you shouldn’t)

  It’s funny where you find inspiration and your “aha moments”. I just found one thanks to my Facebook friend, Simon Young. He posted this image to his Facebook page just moments ago. It struck me first as amusing so I chuckled. But after some pondering, I thought, “Wow!. Having both really is the secret to Read more about You can’t have one without the other (or at least you shouldn’t)[…]

Have you got a minute?

For all those companies, for all those people, for all those who still don’t embrace digital, or who scoff at the power or the potential of online, or who say they’ll get to it once something more important is done, or those who say it can’t help me or my what I do, I say, Read more about Have you got a minute?[…]

Introducing…the new face of banking

      I’m so very excited about today’s launch of Teachers Mutual Bank It’s finally here. As any marketer knows, the birth of a rebrand is an exciting time indeed. And I am very proud to have been  part of the team responsible for creating it. Today, Teachers Credit Union (TCU) officially becomes Teachers Read more about Introducing…the new face of banking[…]

Facebook Pages Some Useful Changes

Facebook is promising improvements to Pages that include: better communication, more opportunities for expression, improved relevancy…and it’s not even Christmas! Want the official Facebook explanation? Here  you can also preview the changes and get started using them. For all the details around Facebook pages, take a peek here Questions of the day Will these changes Read more about Facebook Pages Some Useful Changes[…]

New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders

Happy 2011 everyone! This is the time of year when many of us make promises, set goals, create that list of resolutions for the year to come. As leaders, what we do and how we do it influences so many. During this time of reflection we have a new opportunity to take the first steps Read more about New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders[…]

Leaders don’t create movements, followers do!

We deal with leadership, we deal with change, we know how tough both can be. This video is a fabulous illustration of a key component in creating a movement. Have a watch….the transcript also appears below. Questions of the day Are you a lone nut, the first follower, the second follower or one of the Read more about Leaders don’t create movements, followers do![…]

Incredible Insights from Howard Rheingold on Collaboration

Are you part of a smart mob? Are you as cooperative or as collaborative as you could be? How well have you embraced enabling technologies? Rheingold discusses the technologies of COOPERATION & SHARING economies. He hypothesizes that if in the past, new forms of cooperation created new forms of wealth we may be moving into Read more about Incredible Insights from Howard Rheingold on Collaboration[…]

Tactic or strategy? Social media vs. social marketing?

Tony Chapman of Cap C shares his views in this video. Here, Tony, uses the phrase social marketing, not social media. I think we’ve got some serious semantics at work here. I agree that tactics should never be confused with strategy, but so often are! To all you self proclaimed social media experts , ad Read more about Tactic or strategy? Social media vs. social marketing?[…]