August 10, 2009



  1. Integra Homes – Brand strategy, development, messaging, content creation, campaign development, advertising, alliance communications, social media strategy and content creation for all digital assets
  2. Impact Homes – Brand refinement, website content creation, rewrites and editing, advertising, collateral development and internal communications suppor
  3. Vulkan Advanced Engineering Transformation – From THIS... to THIS – Brand and new logo creation, website overhaul, content creation and project management of the change
  4. BeyondRest – Content creation for website, copywriting, editing and brand review of various collateral.
  5. KDA Accountants – Website review and copywriting – I reviewed, rewrote and created headlines, subheads and clearer calls to action to better position and communicate the full breadth of financial services and expertise provided by the KDA team.
  6. Speak Your Language – Translation and Interpretation Services – I reviewed, edited, reorganised and rewrote 15+ web pages to provide content that demonstrates better grammar, more concise language, stronger calls to action, more powerful headlines and clearer SEO focus.
  7. Visible Temporary Fencing – Content for all webpages developed for the January 2014 website launch
  8. LA Johannesson Author – Created the website, author blog, digital hub, and social media profiles to launch and promote my debut contemporary romance novel, eloves me, eloves me not 
  9. Teachers Mutual Bank – Key member in the rebranding project including rebranding the  website, updating imagery, revising content, refining navigation and  links
  10. Association of Building Sustainability Assessors (ABSA) – Lead the rebrand and web improvements project that included agency search, brand development and content creation and refinement.
  11. The Ingenium Group – Member of the team responsible for website redesign which included content rewrites, navigation changes and imagery overhaul for a multi-business line, international architectural and engineering firm.
  12. Outtathegate blog/social media campaign – Created an integrated social media campaign to share the news, highlights and ideas generated from The  2009 IABC World Conference with members across the globe, the first in IABC’s history. This included development of the brand, building the digital infrastructure, building the community and creating content.
  13. Torontotalks online community group and twitter profile – Managed team of communicators in the creation of a digital platform designed to promote an IABC UNconference, establish a community, facilitate a conversation and capture data, ideas and resources generated by our UNconference to share with the greater membership – the UNconference archive 
  14. Communities and conversations blog – My professional marketing and communications focused blog and website.
  15. The interactive whiteboard revolution blog – Provided strategic and creative direction on the ning’s community development.
  16. A Broad Abroad eh! Chronicling the adventures of a Canadian Gone Down Under – Created this personal blog to detail my move form Canada to Australia and the adjustment that followed as well as a daily blogging project for 2016.
  17. The Canadian Australian Club website – Worked with the webmaster on the website redesign project – including creative direction, content creation, process refinements, and the promotion/networking through social media
  18. Golden Retriever Rescue (GRR) – Social Media Support – Created the first ever Facebook Fan Page  and twitter presence to promote their cause by building its community of supporters and share their success stories.


  1. Teachers Mutual Bank Rebrand Launch Video – Wrote and storyboarded the video launching the rebranded Teachers Mutual Bank (formerly Teachers Credit Union)
  2. eloves me, eloves me not book trailer – Created the launch video for my debut novel, eloves me, eloves me not
  3. Red Balloon Job Application Video – Thought it was time to try something unique in the job search
  4. The outtathegate campaign summary presentation – Presented to IABC NSW Chapter



  1. Teachers Mutual Bank Brand Transformation – From THISto THIS!
  2. CCN Rebrand Collateral Package
  3. Creation of the eloves me, eloves me not brand
  4. Vulkan Advanced Engineering Transformation – From THIS… to THIS


  1. CCNBrochure
  2. Drake Candidate Brochure
  3. Canadian Corporate News Brochure – Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Proposal Buck Consultants
  5. Descon Pre-Show Direct Mailers
  6. Canadian Australian Club Promotional Postcard
  7. Event Invite – 50th Birthday


  1. Staff Appointment
  2. AMA Media Release
  3. Announcement CCN Strategic Alliance with CP
  4. elmelmn Launch Release
  5. elmelmn Toronto Media Outreach



  1. eloves me, eloves me not – wrote and published a 110,000 word contemporary romance novel by LA Johannesson
  2. Council of Peacocks – performed line editing and proofreading of  a 100,000 word urban fantasy novel by M Joseph Murphy

STRATEGY (Contains Confidential Content)

  1. Social Media Strategy
  2. Brand Transformation
  3. New Product Line Launch
  4. Launching an Independant Novel
  5. Communications and Marketing Audit and Resulting Strategy
  6. Marketing Plans

MANAGEMENT TOOLS (Contains Confidential Content)

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Campaign Calendar and Work in Progress
  3. Project Status Updates
  4. Creative, Production, Web, Campaign, Copy Briefs 
  5. Processes, Procedures and Documentation
  6. Employee Orientation, Training and Performance Management


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