November 28, 2009


Here are a few words from people I’ve had the pleasure of working with



“Linda was a wealth of information, easy to communicate with, very responsive, and she went above and beyond to help us out. I will be reaching out to Linda again for future projects.”

“She did a fantastic job with a somewhat vague, challenging assignment. Great answers, very creative and delivered way before schedule. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.”

“Linda uses initiative and let’s the ideas just flow. Which is helpful for someone who is not completely in touch with what is needed to create compelling copy. The feedback from multiple parties about the copy that Linda has written has been fantastic. Thank you very much, would definitely send repeat work through and recommendations to others =)”

“Linda is great. She is professional in the way she approaches a project and takes the time to get a proper picture before diving in. The content was well researched, on point and written in an engaging way for the user.”

“I just wanted to say you have absolutely blown my expectation clean off the planet, I think I was pretty rough in my first description request about what I wanted, but didn’t we clean that up! , I couldn’t believe how well you brought together all my requirements not only ahead of schedule but you really did knock it out of the park with my sales copy that you crafted with so much passion and purpose, true gift you have Linda .J , I feel so grateful and luck that I chose you to create my very important documents so thanks Linda. J , I will most definitely be back for more of your timely talents, the work you have produce was AAA+++ , and nothing less, thanks! Comes extremely Qualified, I have no problems endorsing this fact.”

“Linda was very easy and fun to work with, she understood the vision of what we wanted to achieve and the copy met that vision to a tee. We will use Linda in the future for copywriting work, and recommend her highly if you are looking to get copy done for your company. ”

“Excellent provider. Went above and beyond in service. Excellent communication from start to finish. A++++”

“Linda was lovely and delivered the project on time and under budget.”

“Professional and creative. If you want your project to stand out you need not look any further. Great work. Thanks again!”

“After enquiring with Linda over a couple of emails to discuss her suitability for the work I had – I was very happy with the response time, additional suggestions and quality of work. I will be using Linda again for future copy-writing and have already recommended her to others to use. ”

“Linda is an excellent copywriter and I will surely be back with more work for her. I highly recommend her services to anybody who needs help writing great content.”

“This is the first time we have worked together and I am very impressed. Linda came up with several on-target creative concepts under significant deadline pressure. She’s creative, deliberate in her strategy and focused on results. In one word Linda’s writing talent would be described as brilliant. She can take a seemingly boring topic and bring it to life so that it is relevant to the intended audience. She is a very talented writer and extremely easy and rewarding to work with. I would highly recommend Linda and the many skill sets she can bring to the table. ”

“Pleasure to deal with, will defiantly use again.”

“Awesome Copy writer. Has the great understanding of marketing concepts and can put these is simple text to achieve marketing results.”

wow’“ Linda and made a wonderful new document that was exactly what I hoped it would be. She is very professional, required very little guidance (almost like she was reading my mind) and handed in the job ahead of schedule. I would recommend her to anyone out there looking for a top quality job. Well worth the money. Thank you, Linda! ”

“Linda is a very conscientious and professional copywriter. She has gone over and above the call of duty to research thoroughly for this job and I have been very impressed with her work. Highly recommended Elance provider of the highest standard.”

“Very quick and very professional. Will definitely be on my list of invitees for the next job! Thanks”

“We hired Linda J to edit some b-to-b marketing emails and she did a fantastic job. The corrections she made were all documented and she provided her reasoning for any wording changes. In the end, the language she used was far superior to what we gave her. Highly recommend!”



M. Joseph Murphy, Author, Council of Peacocks

“I hired Linda Johannesson to edit a novel. She was extremely quick and thorough. She found errors no one else did and helped immensely by improving Australian slang. She also found all my “Canadianisms”, assisting me in reaching a more global market.”

Dr. Paul Burgis, Executive Principal at Presbyterian Ladies College, Sydney (client)

Linda reviewed our communications at PLC Sydney. 
This was an excellent piece of analysis that provided a very strong blueprint for the future. I am very grateful for Linda Johannesson who very thorough in the work that she did. She provided insightful and pertinent comments that will be the basis for future action. 
We will be altering the structure of the Communications Team.”

Ellen Hoy, Marketing Communications Supervisor, Teachers Mutual Bank (direct report)

“Linda has been a thought leader and insightful manager, always pushing for projects to be viewed from different and new angles. Linda’s drive for achievement allows the team to focus on the end goal and drive results.

As well as allowing autonomy Linda has been able to balance this with providing guidance to new solutions. As a solutions-focused manager, Linda has been a guiding force in my career.

A digitally skilled marketer, Linda has been able to grow others skills within the organisation and work for continuous improvement of the current site, while creating the organisations first digital strategy. Linda has developed and grown the digital strategy using prior skills and experience and is helping bring the organisation forward in this space.

Linda has been able to drive and influence key strategies for the organisation as well as share that knowledge and skill set with the team.

Linda’s organisational development skills have been further developed as she has built key infrastructure for the teams under her, creating a structured environment with a project management focus.”

Fiona Louisa Baker, Senior Marketing Specialist, Teachers Mutual Bank (direct report)

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Linda over the past 10 months. During this time I found her to be an energetic and skilled marketer who is always looking to challenge the status quo.

I found Linda’s wealth of experience instrumental during the transition and rebrand to becoming Teachers Mutual Bank. I often called upon Linda’s all-round wealth of experience and was always happy to gain her professional insight.

Linda is a talented communication strategist, who’d be an instant spark to any creative marketing and communications role.”

Jeremy Schultz, Employee Communications Manager at Intel Corporation (colleague)

“If I had a chance to work with Linda in a full-time setting, I’d jump at it. I had the pleasure of working with Linda over the past two years as a co-presenter/session planner for IABC’s annual World Conference.

As our de facto ringleader, Linda was absolutely crucial to our efforts. Over the time we worked together, Linda showed creativity, willingness to learn and try new things, and grasp of countless online tools and services on top of her obvious skills in the fundamentals of good communication planning. She brought an innovative approach not only to our session (an unscripted yet facilitated open space where attendees choose topics for discussion) but also to the communication promoting it.

For instance: In 2010, with Linda driving it, we built a community on around our session, connecting attendees and harvesting ideas for weeks before the event. One year later, IABC followed Linda’s lead and used Ning for the entire conference. What flattery. We also used Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to help promote our session (this is still mostly unheard of in this industry). In large part due to Linda’s talent and efforts, our sessions were standout successes.

Best of all, Linda is a blast to work with, bringing seemingly boundless energy to every effort. She’s the kind of all-rounder who’d be an instant spark to any creative marketing and communications effort.”

Christopher Swan, Employee Experience and Communication Leader at LinkedIn (colleague)

“Linda has been a trusted communicator partner and influencer ever since I’ve known her. I have seen Linda create expansive social media campaigns, facilitate game-changing collaboration sessions and push communication boundaries.

I was lucky enough to meet Linda through her first-of-it’s-kind social media campaign and then I worked with her on two global conferences. In our unique communication sessions, Linda was a leader in the efforts to bring multi-national participants together, share best practices and ideas, and added careful planning for the best results. All of these experiences she led greatly evolved the conference’s communication experiences and set a new standard for engagement.

Linda’s commitment to expanding communication practices beyond the standard has propelled her way beyond just a communicator. She’s now a true thought leader. I’ve seen Linda bring new vision and big picture strategies to all that she tackles. Linda takes everything to the next level.

Linda’s outstanding skills and her passion for people will always be welcomed in any of my future projects. It has been a real pleasure working with Linda and I would easily recommend her for only the best opportunities.”

Catherine White, Marketing and Communications Associate, Marketwire – formerly CCNMatthews (direct report)

“During the time that I worked with Linda, she developed and revised a multi-media marketing tool for the CCN sales force. Today, the project would seem commonplace, but in the late 90s it was ahead of the curve. Using this tool, sales representatives could create customized presentations on the fly responding to client’s interests and questions. To launch a project of this scope requires a unique blend of expertise. I watched Linda juggled multiple deadlines, organized cross-functional teams, recommended proactive solution for changing priorities, all the while keeping the larger picture in mind.” November 4, 2009

Italia Corigliano, Regional Marketing Manager, Watson Wyatt (colleague)

“Linda is an exceptional Marketing/Communications professional, bringing creativity and structure to any initiative and succeeding in getting the desired results.” January 24, 2009

Meredith Arbus,  Director of Marketing/ District Manager, Drake International (direct report)

“Linda’s contagious enthusiasm, out of the box thinking, and marketing expertise was key to allowing our team to achieve its deliverables. Linda knows how to motivate and challenge creative people and turn them into highly productive happy workers. She was a pleasure to work with and a great mentor” January 28, 2009

George Farkas, President and CEO, XBI Software Inc (business partner)

“Linda represented CCNMatthews at XBRL Canada while I was chair of XBRL Canada and was elected first vice-chair, then chair of the Marcomm (marketing and communications) working group. She helped a great deal in organizing a conference and with marketing strategy. She was energetic, full of ideas and a joy to work with.” September 29, 2009

Paul Cormier, President, (business partner)

“Having worked with Linda closely over the years on a variety of marketing & communications projects I can only marvel at the great marketing instincts and dedication she has shown. Let’s put it this way …she knows her stuff! She understands each media channel and how to get the most out of it. I can honestly say …you will rarely find the skill sets that allow a person to both develop strategy and to execute that strategy, on a practical level, in one person …and that person is Linda!.” February 4, 2009

Marina Joseph, Manager Intranet Services and Internal Communications Manager, SOLCORP (business partner)

“Linda’s ability to digest key information and recommend targeted communications solutions will save clients time and money. She is particularly effective in project work, beginning and ending those on time and within budget.” May 19, 2009

Tom Vardon, Senior Specialist, Process Control and Safety Systems, Giffels (colleague)

“I had the pleasure of working with Linda at Ingenium. At first right next door and then half a world away. She turned a one-page text newsletter into a professional masterpiece that was a pleasure to read. A most jubilant lady, professional, dedicated, great marketing expertise and a willingness to see every project through to the end. I highly recommend Linda for any of your communications or marketing needs.” September 28, 2009

Elizabeth Stewart, Owner, Stewart Associates (business partner)

“Our roles as independent consultants to a global professional services firm required us to collaborate on a regular basis. I thoroughly enjoyed that collaboration, the advice Linda provided and the products she produced. Her dedication, willingness to work long — and when we were separated by thousands of miles — unusual hours and team orientation were greatly appreciated by our mutual client as well as by me! A strategic thinker who actually gets stuff done? A pretty great combination, in my opinion.” January 29, 2009

Andrew Murison, Senior Web Developer, Marketwire (colleague)

“Linda’s entrance into Marketwire provided the much-needed energy and creativity that was lacking in the Marketing department. Almost immediately Linda’s presence was felt. Not only did she bridge the different departments in the organization, she also reinvigorated her department with her infectious energy and positive spirit. Outside of her regular duties, Linda was one of the key members of XBRL Canada, spearheading the MARCOMM initiatives of the consortium. While a web developer at the company, my interactions with Linda included a re-branding and re-development of our web presence. Being the lead web developer at the company, I was on the front line for the positive feedback provided by both our customers and internal staff. I would highly recommend Linda.” September 24, 2009

Rodrigo Lima, Client Relations Manager, Marketwire (colleague)

“I had the privilege to see Linda at work while she took CCNMatthews by storm and revamped its image for a greater success. Linda is a reliable professional who keeps up with communication trends. I am proud to count her in my professional network, and like her, to be part of IABC (International Association of Business Communicators).” September 25, 2009

David Pitre, Consultant, Brightspot (direct report)

“When I think of Linda, creative, dedicated and focused come to mind. And the icing on the cake: she’s a talented communication strategist, great networker and marketing whiz. Drop me a note if you would like to learn more about the work we did together.” October 6, 2009

Paul Cormier, President, (business partner)

“Linda knows how to get things done ….she has always been delivered the goods when it comes to developing and managing marketing projects in a variety of mediums. I trust Linda to develop strategic marketing plans that work and then to ensure that those plans are executed to produce the maximum results. We are currently contracting Linda to manage an online marketing program for a large Real Estate project in Canada. She provides ongoing detailed reports, creative ideas, recommendations and administration of the program so we can focus business growth!” October 7, 2009

Stephen W. A. MacLean, Vice President, Systems and Applications, The IngeniumGroup (colleague)

“I had the opportunity of working closely with Linda as she developed and managed the delivery of training and implementation launch material to facilitate my group’s deployment of a web-based ERP system at Ingenium. Linda coordinated the various production resources involved and we worked closely together to implement them. Her work was excellent and achieved excellent results, resulting in much better communication and training deployment.” October 11, 2009

Ronald Rodriguez, Chief Technology Officer, Marketwire (colleague)

“I had the great pleasure of working with Linda in the late 90’s for two years and again in 2005. During very tight deadlines in a fast-paced environment, Linda worked well with external consultants as well as the internal team. Linda brought great ideas to the company that helped in the continuing success of the business. I strongly recommend Linda for any Marketing/Business Development role.” November 3, 2009

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