Consider a Freelancer for Competitive Advantage

Thought this article was a great summary of the advantages that can be realised when companies, extend their workforce and hire an experienced freelancer. Whether it’s a solution for dealing with peaks in demand, covering existing team member leave, making inroads into new industries, a project requiring new and different perspective or simply because you Read more about Consider a Freelancer for Competitive Advantage[…]

You can’t have one without the other (or at least you shouldn’t)

  It’s funny where you find inspiration and your “aha moments”. I just found one thanks to my Facebook friend, Simon Young. He posted this image to his Facebook page just moments ago. It struck me first as amusing so I chuckled. But after some pondering, I thought, “Wow!. Having both really is the secret to Read more about You can’t have one without the other (or at least you shouldn’t)[…]

Job Search has me Seeing Red

In a previous post entitled, “Walk the Walk”, I discussed my astounding observation that so many job seekers, even those seeking digital jobs, go through the entire search process and don’t use the very skills they are trying to market. I am currently pursuing both the freelance consulting avenue (if I can help, call me!) Read more about Job Search has me Seeing Red[…]

My Personal Learning Network (PLN)

Getting back to that conversation where a coworker posed the question, “where do you go to keep up to date on the latest in digital”. Here’s the list I promised in the previous post. You’ll notice it’s a little skewed to my Canadian roots and with a heavy North American  influence, but geography aside, there  are Read more about My Personal Learning Network (PLN)[…]

Where do you go?

The conversation with a co-worker was simple enough. Knowing that I’m more than a digital-dabbler, she posed the question, “where do you go to keep up to date on the latest in digital”. I rattled off a few resources then said I’ll send you a list. When I really started pondering it, the list just Read more about Where do you go?[…]

Have you got a minute?

For all those companies, for all those people, for all those who still don’t embrace digital, or who scoff at the power or the potential of online, or who say they’ll get to it once something more important is done, or those who say it can’t help me or my what I do, I say, Read more about Have you got a minute?[…]

Walk the walk

For more than a year now I’ve been working in Credit Union land. My responsibilities include managing a team of marketing and communications, design and digital professionals. Given I didn’t inherit a full team, I’ve spent a great deal of the past year recruiting and interviewing for various roles. Of these, three of the eight Read more about Walk the walk[…]

Think PowerPoint is the Belle of the Ball?

This humourous, yet brilliant, example demonstrates how how PowerPoint can be the death of even the greatest story. Rowan Manahan gives his talk ‘How PowerPoint makes EVERY story better’ at Ignite at the Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, in February 2011 Question of the day: What other tools do you use instead of PowerPoint to Read more about Think PowerPoint is the Belle of the Ball?[…]