July 30, 2009

About Me

Bewitched By Marketing

When I was a child I was in awe of what Darrin Stephens and Larry Tate from Bewitched did for a living. I wanted to do that.

I got pretty close!

With 25+ years of progressive marketing and communications experience, I have created compelling content, brands, slogans, campaigns, and communications that have all been tied to clearly defined strategy and designed to accomplish clients’ defined goals.

You can call me: author, strategist, marketer, communicator, copywriter, brand champion, connector, content creator, relationship manager, blogger social media advocate, entrepreneur, consultant, freelancer, or photographer.


Every Solution Comes From Diverse Experience

Every project I do for you will be custom designed, but it will draw upon a portfolio that includes a variety of professional service branding and integrated marketing campaigns, product/service launches, change management communications, website redesigns, digital content creation, blog development, writing and management, and the creation of project wikis, online discussion forums and personal learning networks.

Having sat on both the buyer and supplier sides of the marketing and communications desks, I can provide you with broad perspectives that embrace balanced change.


A Global Perspective

Originally from Toronto, Canada, I now live in Sydney, Australia and my heart is split between these two wonderful countries. That said, I know where I’d rather spend a winter and which PM I’d prefer to share a wine with.

I’m active on a variety of online freelance networks as well as Facebook, Twitter, Google+,  Instagram, Pinterest, and assorted other social channels. So, I can usually be found online servicing clients from around the world or connecting with friends and family.

I love my job and am proud of the work I do.  I suspect that Darrin, Larry and that little ten-year-old girl with a dream would be too!


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