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Creativity, passion and craftsmanship are long-time Melbourne residents.

On my recent trip to that great city, I was happy to be reunited with all three. In reconnecting with this city, its verve found its way into my soul and stirred me like a double ristretto.

Whether it was the recent change in my work circumstances or this short trip, I found my creative spark being re-ignited while I reflected on the changes.

I strolled the busy city streets in search of what was sure to be another fine Melbourne meal or an exquisite cup of coffee or sweet indulgence. I took in the sparkle of the city lights, rode the train to various interesting neighbourhoods and I ambled through the graffiti laneways snapping photo after photo.

It was here in Hosier Lane where the idea for this post was hatched.

I walked from street masterpiece to masterpiece entranced. The experience presented me with so much more than mere visual amusement.

These massive colourful expressions surfaced some poignant reminders of the ingredients that are required to create, powerful, engaging, and effective marketing material, messages and campaigns.

So, here are a few reminders about what powerful Marketing should be as demonstrated by the colourful laneways of Melbourne and the messages resident in the graffiti displayed there.

Tips for Great Marketing


Be striking – The best marketing stops people in their tracks. It is arresting. The power in powerful marketing should if only for a second, evoke an emotional response that is palpable.. People need to feel your message as well as hear it, read it, and understand it. Powerful marketing has cut through and breaks through the noise and focuses you on its message


While some may argue this one, in my humble opinion, great marketing should be artful. Why wouldn’t you embrace the proven principles of design? Think of your end result as a marketing masterpiece and give it as much time and artistry as possible.

Show real creativity and mastery and a commitment to the various components of the craft. Whether you create a riveting piece of music, a clever tagline, a stunning portrait, or a spectacular photograph, do it to the very best of your team’s capability. Marketing that is thought of as “good enough” most probably isn’t. So, all you marketers out there, embrace your inner artist and hold yourself to a higher standard. You just may find that your marketing becomes more powerful through this process.


The use of spokespeople to sprouk your message has long since been a popular choice. Professional spokespeople, media celebrities, and even those key media savvy people within our own organisations, quite literally have a way with words. To ramp up your marketing efforts, hire, showcase, and leverage the persuasive power and existing following of stars, industry icons, and popular thought leaders.


One thing great marketing rarely is, is boring. So do your best to mix it up and keep it varied so that its dynamic nature invites people to keep coming back. The wonderful thing about graffiti as an art form is that it’s constantly changing we expect it to be fleeting. People expect that it will be painted over and that other images will replace it. And we’re not precious about it – this change is just one of the known rules of the game. Therefore, these laneways of Melbourne represent an evolving exhibition. It keeps people coming back again and again because there’s always something new to see and experience. Good marketing can be the same. I’m not saying change your logo weekly, but I am suggesting that you look for opportunities to improve, expand, refine, better represent your key messages and embrace the change in tools and add new ones where they make sense.


Want to create shareable marketing. Give people something they appreciate, enjoy, gush over, and think are so desirable that they want to share with their own communities. In this world of social sharing, we inspired marketers know that there’s an incredible opportunity to leverage the followings of others and maximise the shareability of the content, ads, images, or messages that you create. Look for the unusual, the beautiful, and the clever and put that out there in your marketing and watch it make the rounds.


Leverage what’s already in place and its environment – one of my favourite marketing philosophies is to,

Find the parade and get in front of it.”

Great marketing realises that it doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel, (although there are times this is necessary) but to embrace the legacy that’s already in place and build upon it. Great, and dare I say, cost-effective marketing, uses the knowledge, the distribution channels, the spokespeople, the mix, the messages, the images, that already exist and then adds something new to them! For great marketing, keep the message or its delivery channels constantly evolving. Don’t overlook the long-term potential of ongoing, incremental, continuous improvements.


An often overlooked and sometimes only subtly implied component of great marketing is the call to action (CTA). Great marketing must contain a call to action. For how else can you measure the effectiveness of your specific marketing efforts? Calls to action should reflect your marketing objectives. Are you looking to generate awareness, facilitate purchases, increase community, introduce a new product, support a charity or start a movement? Each will have it’s own unique requirements. But, whichever is your goal, make sure you include a measurable CTA to help achieve it. It’s the only way you’ll know just how great your marketing is! – Marry Me photo cropped


Finally, one final ingredient in making great marketing great, is to ensure it’s created by an insightful marketing person who understands these characteristics. Those of us who have been in the game a while have developed an instinct for what will and won’t work in marketing and we need to find the balance to both trust and hone this instinct. We’re not always right, but if we continue to learn, to try new approaches and tools, we should end up with the marketing outcomes that are far more powerful than not. And, if we forget, there may just be some reminders like Melbourne’s colourful city community expressions to bring it back into focus.





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