You can’t have one without the other (or at least you shouldn’t)


It’s funny where you find inspiration and your “aha moments”. I just found one thanks to my Facebook friend, Simon Young. He posted this image to his Facebook page just moments ago.

It struck me first as amusing so I chuckled. But after some pondering, I thought, “Wow!. Having both really is the secret to achieving great things.”

Whether it’s delivering the next great innovation in science, improving our education system or launching a new product, there is a place and a need for both The Thinker and The Doer.

In my humble opinion, we should each aspire to achieve a balance of both within us. We shouldn’t be happy being just one or the other, because thinking without doing accomplishes nothing tangible, and doing without thinking may well achieve results, but are they the desired or best ones possible?

If we can strive to think about what we’re doing and do more of the things we usually only think about, we might just all be that much better off.

Over to you now – Questions of the day:

What  idea or thought have you’ve had recently that you could actually do something about? What action can you take today toward it?

What actions have become automatic for you, are there any worthy of a little more thought and possible refinement? Are there better, faster, more efficient/enjoyable ways to do them? 


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