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I’ve been impassioned lately by a number of conversations around careers, opportunities, new and interesting projects. Not only have I been lucky enough to share some fantastic new ideas with some really interesting and enlightened people, the added benefit has been that these discussions have helped me to create some real clarity around my own beliefs.

Whether we’re referring to those that influence our work, our life choices or both, we are guided by them, rewarded by them, frustrated by them, and often challenged to stand up for them or change them. Yet, they are one of the only things in this world we can truly claim as our own.

what beliefs are at your core?

In the context of career, work, ideas, learning and innovation, here are a few of mine. I believe …

  • That everyone has something to contribute
  • We can find wisdom in crowds, strength in communities and insight through conversation
  • Lasting change comes from continuous and never ending improvements
  • When approaching a new task you should think big, start small and scale up!
  • You should be prepared to work hard and smart (just not necessarily at the same time).
  • You should be rewarded for both your efforts and your results
  • We can be good at a lot of things but only great at those we’re passionate about
  • Strategy is not an afterthought – it should come first
  • We should embrace not fight the power of emerging technologies
  • There is can be genius in creativity and new ideas
  • Diversity helps us to see things differently
  • In openness over transparency
  • In the power of “please” and “thank you”
  • In lifelong learning
  • That the best solutions are integrated ones that draw from a diverse range of tools and perspectives
  • In honesty, integrity and respect
  • That big risks can be rationalized if there is big reward
  • In giving back, sharing your knowledge and the power of karma
  • Sometimes it’s more important to be nice than right
  • That if you love what you’re doing, you’ll never work another day in your life.

What’s on your list? What do you believe? If you haven’t given your beliefs some thought in a while, why not take a few minutes or a few hours and ponder them. Get clear on what drives you – what you really believe in.

They are a big part of our individuality and are certainly worthy of some thinking time.

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