Combining Strategy and Tactics

To Create Content, Communities, and Conversations


Setting objectives, defining direction, plotting a path and delivering the components required to get you there. When you need to launch or expand your business or product and service lines, manage major change, refine your processes or just do more with less, we’ll provide the right strategy to achieve your unique objectives.


We’ll work with you to create, define or refine your brand and its promise. Through key message development, the creation of communication strategies and marketing efforts, and the design of all their associated components, both internal and external, we’ll bring your brand to life for all of its stakeholders.


Whether you require more traditional content creation like ads, direct mail, collateral, news releases, reports, white papers , news letters, or articles, or, more contemporary digital content for your website, your social media channels, blogs, webinars, videos, case studies, articles or ebooks, we’ll create refreshing content that people actually engage with.


From executive speeches and senior bios, to creative marketing campaigns and customer correspondence, from HR tools, internal messaging, and announcements, to job descriptions, employee orientation and training materials, if you need to get your messages delivered and understood, our clear and compelling copy does both.

Need Help?

Linda Johannesson

Chief Message Maker, Change Agent and Challenger of the Status Quo

I could be a hat model. (Mainly because I wear so many of them.) My millinery collection includes; author, strategist, marketer, communicator, copywriter, brand champion, connector, content creator, relationship manager, blogger social media advocate, entrepreneur, consultant, and freelancer. With 25+ years of progressive marketing and communications experience, I create compelling content, copy, communities, and conversations. You might also say that I have a way with words! And, with hats!





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